Fuel your business growth in Africa and North America with expert advisory and local insights that provide strategic leverage.


Get firsthand market insights, trends, and opportunities from peers worldwide.


Access local experts on demand to validate and verify opportunities and strategies.


Close the gap between planning and execution, improving outcomes on the ground.

Market Research

Identify growth opportunities, market dynamics, and trends, and evaluate prospects across demographics and regions.

Opportunity validation

Validate business and investment opportunities, risks, implications, outcomes, likelihood of success, and engagement strategies.

Business Development

Accelerate business growth, leveraging local talent and networks to enhance on-the-ground capabilities, access markets quickly, and boost sales.


Organize specialized sessions and training to help your team understand and approach opportunities in local markets.


Craft compelling, localized messages to capture attention, fit the local context, connect with the audience, and increase engagement.

Scheduling meetings

Fill your calendar with highly relevant engagements with decision-makers, market insiders, and industry leaders.


Tailored events targeted at specific audiences foster industry-specific ecosystems and provide engagement opportunities.

Site visits

Meet the market safely and effectively. Understand its nuances, meet stakeholders, and build lasting networks.