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We simplify African market access for Canadian businesses.

The Canada Africa Business Forum was established as a non-profit organization in Ottawa in 2019. Our primary objective is to make it easier for Canadian and international businesses to enter the African market. We achieve this by offering customized products leveraging the skills, connections, and knowledge of local and global business leaders with direct experience in the target markets. These leaders provide practical and effective advice and guidance to assist businesses in developing strategies and achieving success in the African market.

The following features characterize Canada Africa Business Forum:


World-class interactive sessions featuring business leaders who generously share their experience and expertise.


In-person conferences that bring together business leaders exploring partnerships and market opportunities in Africa.


Personalized advice, insights, and guidance to advance your African strategy.

We are different

Navigating the African market can be complex for Canadian business leaders due to its vast demand and cultural diversity. Our mission is to simplify this process. We understand that time and resources are limited, so we provide valuable insights that optimize the time of business leaders who have companies to run. By delivering actionable and highly relevant insights, networks and guidance, we help Canadian businesses understand, engage and thrive while contributing to the growth of the African market. Our insights benefit the business leaders we work with and their peers, ensuring that everyone’s time is well-spent and productive.

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