Africa's Agri-Insurance Market

Speakers: Bertus van Zyl, CEO of Aerial Works; Peter Olyott, CEO Indwe Broker Holding, and Dr. Mohamed Abd Elbasit Associate Professor at Sol Plaatje University

Africa Agri-Insurance Market

This series centers on Food Security and the market prospects for AgriTech startups that use AI and remote sensing to decrease agricultural risks by implementing a consistent, efficient, and expandable method to measure and insure risks. Food security is a global issue, particularly in Africa, where farmers face the main problem of accessing capital. Without working capital, farmers struggle to make progress and provide food for the continent. To secure funding, farmers require insurance to cover capital risk. Insurance providers need a standardized and expandable approach to efficiently assess risks, customize premiums, and provide farmers with yield optimization insights.

Meet the speakers_

Bertus van Zyl
MD, UAV Aerial Works

Bertus is an accomplished electronics engineer and software developer who also holds an MBA from the esteemed University of Cape Town. He is a certified manned pilot and instructor-rated drone pilot, and currently serves as the Managing Director of Aerial Works. Additionally, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in the Faculty of Science at Wits University, focusing on the Remote Sensing and GIS program. Through his research, Bertus seeks to reduce risks in the agriculture industry by utilizing Machine Learning Algorithms and remotely sensed data. During his presentation, Bertus will cover a variety of topics, including markets and business opportunities, food security, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence to assist farmers and insurers in developing sustainable business models.

About UAV Aerial Works 

Remote Operator Certificate (ROC) holder approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) to operate Aerial Security Surveillance and General Drone services.

Peter Olyott
CEO Indwe Broker Holding

Peter Olyott has been leading one of South Africa’s largest insurance brokers for nearly a decade. Recently, the company was acquired by Santam Insurance, South Africa’s largest insurer. South Africa accounts for approximately 70% of Africa’s insurance market, and Peter has been heavily involved in this industry for many years. He holds the position of CEO at Indwe Broker Holdings and Indwe Risk Services serving as the current President of the Financial Intermediaries Association of South Africa and a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of South Africa. With his extensive experience as a seasoned insurance professional and CEO of a century-old company, Peter is well-suited to offer insight on insurance matters in the agriculture industry. During his talk, Peter will address the challenges insurers face when taking on risk in agriculture and how mitigating risk can promote food security.

About Indwe Broker Holding

Indwe Risk Services has a massive presence in South Africa’s insurance landscape, boasting a legacy of over a century. Recently, it found itself under the wing of Santam, the nation’s largest insurance conglomerate. In a country where the insurance sector accounts for a commanding 70% share of the African global insurance market, Indwe is not just a key player but a pioneering force, reshaping the contours of Africa’s insurance market.

Dr. Mohamed Abd Elbasit
Assoc. Prof. at Sol Plaatje University

As a Professor at Sol Plaatje University, Mohamed shares his expertise on remote sensing and proposes solutions to tackle challenges faced by South African farmers and insurers. His discussions focus on technology-based remedies in agriculture, specifically the use of remote sensing to gather evidence for risk reduction. Mohamed’s past experience as a researcher at the Agricultural Research Council of South Africa adds to his credibility in this field.

About Sol Plaatje University

Sol Plaatje University, one of two universities established in South Africa’s democratic era, has a strong emphasis on learning, research, and development while promoting democratic values and social justice. The university is also known for its contributions to African matters and dissemination of knowledge worldwide. Additionally, it has gained recognition as a hub for data and analytics research.


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