Africa's Cannabis Market

Speakers: Danie Nel, CEO of Afriplex; Thandiwe Fadane, South Africa’s Consul-General, Toronto; Wayne Borchardt, Director of Management Research at PWC; and Martin Coetzer, MD of Releaf Pharmaceuticals

Africa’s Cannabis Market

The cannabis industry in Africa is rapidly evolving and presents exciting opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. With diverse climate zones, extensive arable land, and increasing acceptance of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes, Africa is a fertile ground for cannabis cultivation and production. Several African countries are exploring the regulation and legalization of cannabis, which not only offers the potential for economic growth but also holds promise for improving the livelihoods of local communities and addressing social justice issues related to past cannabis prohibition. However, foreign investors should be prepared to navigate varying regulatory frameworks, understand local customs and practices, and contribute to the responsible and sustainable development of Africa’s cannabis industry. Overall, Africa’s cannabis market offers a unique blend of economic potential, social impact, and regulatory challenges, making it an intriguing space for local and foreign stakeholders.

Meet the speakers_

Danie Nel
CEO, Afriplex

Danie Nel is the Founder and CEO of Afriplex – a major pharmaceutical company in South Africa and the only one to be licensed for the complete cycle manufacturing of cannabis. Before this, he served as the MD of Weir Group and is also the founder of ImpiloVest.

About Afriplex

Afriplex is a pharmaceutical company based in South Africa that specializes in the production of cannabis for medical use. They utilize a source-to-shelf approach, adding value to their clients’ products with the help of their skilled staff and innovative products. For over 20 years, Afriplex has been developing the complete cannabis supply chain, from botanical sources to final products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and beverages. They convert plant material into functional ingredients and formulate these ingredients into different product categories for international markets. Afriplex has evolved from a raw ingredient supplier to a final product manufacturer, with diversifications in different market segments and associated value chains.

Thandiwe Fadane
South Africa’s Consul General in Toronto

Thandiwe is the Consul General of South Africa in Toronto and has extensive experience in international relations and cooperation, particularly in Women in Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution. She has held various positions, including Director of Financial Management at the South Africa Embassy in Washington DC, Chief Director of LATAM and the Caribbean, and Acting Chief Financial Officer.

Wayne Borchardt, PhD
Director, Management Research

Wayne is the Director, Management Research Insights and Operations at PwC Global Advisory.

This role sits at the intersection of consulting and research, both of which have been pillars of Wayne’s professional career.

Wayne has 28 years of strategy and management consulting experience with multinationals and large local firms in Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria), Europe (UK, Germany) and Asia (Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia).

His consulting experience includes 23 years with Accenture, the last 11 of which as a Managing Director in Accenture Strategy, based in Cape Town, South Africa. For the last five years, he has led The Decision Advisory Group, which focuses on helping companies create more value by making better strategic decisions.

Wayne’s industry experience is in Consumer Goods, Retail, Industrial Equipment, Healthcare, Professional Services, and Financial Services.

He has functional expertise in Growth Strategy, Enterprise Transformation, pre- and post-deal M&A, Value Targeting, Operating Model Strategy, and Financial Performance Analysis.

He has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Strategy (The impact of overconfidence bias on firm performance). His Ph.D. supervisors were Professor Mikael Samuelsson (University of Cape Town) and Professor Dan Lovallo (University of Sydney).

He is adjunct faculty at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business, Nova School of Business and Economics (Lisbon), Deloitte Alchemy, and Hult-Ashridge International Business School, where he teaches Strategy and Decision Science to students and executive education participants.

He has a B.Sc (Eng) and M.Sc (Eng) (University of Cape Town, 1992), has completed Kellogg’s Advanced Business Management Program (Northwestern University, Chicago, 2001), has a professional certificate in Strategic Decision and Risk Management (Stanford University, Palo Alto, 2016), and is a certified practitioner in the Society of Decision Professionals.

Wayne is married with three young kids. He is passionate about reading/podcasts, travel and sports.

Wayne can be reached at His blog posts on Decision Science can be found via his LinkedIn profile.

Martin Coetzer

Martin is the Managing Director of Releaf Pharmaceutical, a South African company specializing in health and wellness, with expertise in the African cannabis manufacture and retail market.

About Releaf Pharmaceuticals

Releaf Pharmaceutical specializes in producing and selling cannabis products in the South African market. Their health solutions are inspired by nature and backed by science.


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