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Interactive Session

Africa's Cannabis Market

Danie Nel
CEO, Afriplex

About Danie Nel

Danie Nel is the Founder and CEO of Afriplex – a major pharmaceutical company in South Africa and the only one to be licensed for the complete cycle manufacturing of cannabis. Before this, he served as the MD of Weir Group and is also the founder of ImpiloVest.

About Afriplex

Afriplex is a pharmaceutical company based in South Africa that specializes in the production of cannabis for medical use. They utilize a source-to-shelf approach, adding value to their clients’ products with the help of their skilled staff and innovative products. For over 20 years, Afriplex has been developing the complete cannabis supply chain, from botanical sources to final products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and beverages. They convert plant material into functional ingredients and formulate these ingredients into different product categories for international markets. Afriplex has evolved from a raw ingredient supplier to a final product manufacturer, with diversifications in different market segments and associated value chains.

Africa’s Cannabis Market Series

The cannabis industry in Africa is rapidly evolving and presents exciting opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. With diverse climate zones, extensive arable land, and increasing acceptance of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes, Africa is a fertile ground for cannabis cultivation and production. Several African countries are exploring the regulation and legalization of cannabis, which not only offers the potential for economic growth but also holds promise for improving the livelihoods of local communities and addressing social justice issues related to past cannabis prohibition. However, foreign investors should be prepared to navigate varying regulatory frameworks, understand local customs and practices, and contribute to the responsible and sustainable development of Africa’s cannabis industry. Overall, Africa’s cannabis market offers a unique blend of economic potential, social impact, and regulatory challenges, making it an intriguing space for local and foreign stakeholders.


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