Africa's Drone Market

with Eden Attias
Executive Chairman, Delta Drone

Since acquiring ROCKETMINE in South Africa back in 2016, Delta Drones has established itself as a significant player in the commercial drone sector throughout Africa. Particularly focused on mining operations, Delta Drones employs a range of thoughtfully designed product offerings with the overarching goal of democratizing access to drone technology across select African markets.

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Eden Attias

Executive Chairman of Delta Drones

Eden Attias has served with The Israel Defense Forces for 27 years and was previously the Defence Attache to Canada. He currently holds the position of Executive Chairman at Delta Drone International and is also the Founder and CEO of multiple tech companies based in Australia and Israel. As the chairman of Delta Drone International, which operates extensively in Africa, Eden shares his insights and answers questions about the possibilities, opportunities, and obstacles in the African drone market during this session.

The population growth, increase in consumer spending, urbanization, and inadequate infrastructure in Africa are contributing to the rise in drone usage. Drones are being utilized in various industries such as mining, e-commerce, medical supply, and agriculture to overcome infrastructural challenges, improve efficiency and expand capabilities on a large scale.

Who should Attend

  • Heads of Growth
  • Chief Growth Officers
  • Heads of Marketing


45 Minutes


Status: Past
Available On-Demand
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